We support customer-flow analysis for retail industry, shopping malls, gallery, park, scenic spots, transportation junction, crowded square and so on.

Footfall Counter can measure 4 metrics with Wi-Fi tracking features:

1. Window conversion rate Measure if any promotional campaign.

2. Returning Customer tracker Track  returning customer

3. Dwell Time Measure the duration of the customers stay in the stores

4. Video Counting Counting Ins and outs

5. Cross Shopping Identify cross shoppers by comparing the unique identifier and detecting the matching unique identifier in different stores.


Sales Conversion Report

True measure of KPI by combining with sales data and visitor count data. Footfallcam allows the retailer to integrate their transaction number and the volume into the database via API documentation to generate the sales conversion rate when tie with the actual number of visitor entered into your store. Sales manager can use this report as the key performance indicator (KPI) to evaluate the performance in each store and turn into actionable decision. For example:

 Store A has the highest visitor but lowest sales conversion, what would be the reason?
 Store B has lowest visitor but higher sales conversion, then the fact is the store B is better than A even store A has highest footfall.

Understand Your Customer and Gain Deeper Insight on Traffic Flow, Visit Duration, and Returning Customer in Mall

FootfallCam provide the seasonal and hourly trend Identify how many shoppers coming into shopping centre by using video counting. Some shopping mall may use this to analyse the traffic pattern and offer guidance to tenancy rental rates. Footfallcam Analytics also help to analyse the shopper profiling in a mall like how long they stay in a mall? Which area they tend to stay longer? And how many of them are frequent visitor?