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11 March 2019

All around the world few prominent industries like retail are changing rapidly in its structure, buying and selling process and also in customer acquisition. In an increasingly volatile economy and a rise of consumers demand has forced this sector to welcome new technology that creates a better market scenario. For example, the concept of proximity marketing has leveraged the malls and retail owners to stay competitive by initiating the data-driven approach in measuring the behaviour of the shoppers. It is quite an indomitable fact that data analysis is playing a major role in this sector.

Here we will take you through a complete detailing of shopping mall analytics or retail analytics that is seemingly new in several parts of the world.  To begin with, let’s say that this technology does a qualitative analysis of relationships between the mall and the store. With the aid of people counting technology, the analysis is done over footfall count, store capture rate store conversion rate in-mall marketing etc.  Anaz Technologies, one of the prominent names in UAE is making a huge contribution in the domain of people counting solution, and with the association of vemcount software, it makes analysis perfect, for clients around the world.

As said in the beginning, the concept and formulation of marketing have changed a lot as now customers’ engagement is huge and the companies are even trying to create an ambience of personalized offerings. To elucidate a little one can see how the food delivery apps are making the customers involved in their promotional campaigning. People can put reviews, comments for others to see and that gives a boost to the sale.

Why Retail analytics is important in the current scenario?

A better analysis on the ROI

A proper retail analysis helps to measure the ROI of various aspects of business verticals. The investment in marketing endeavours in any store is quite high, and for that matter, a detailed analysis helps the owners to understand the effect and consequences of the investment.  A store manager with the assistance of live people counter can streamline a few important aspects like promotional initiatives, assessing the viability of customer loyalty, offers and discounts etc.

A better insight on customer behaviour

The biggest advantage of leveraging retail analysis is that it offers an in-depth analysis of customer behaviour inside the store or the mall. A business is not only a process of buying and selling but involves a lot of other facets that needs a better review like customer insight.  From analysing the social responses to evaluating the success of an internal campaign to enhance the conversion rate of a store, retail data analytics is simply the best way to understand how customers are responding to your business.

Optimizing in-store operations-

Retail data analytics offers an insightful understanding of consumer behaviour and buying pattern inside the store.  From tracking the customers as to how much time they spent inside the store and their pattern of buying to product placements that grab the maximum eyeballs etc.  This complete analysis helps the floor manager to either optimize the already used strategy or create a new one to satisfy every buyer. The result also helps in staff positioning, design techniques, and various other tactics. The in- store operation appeals a lot to customers as they always expect a warm hospitality, an immediate attention to their needs and much more.

Maintaining loyalty

The footfall analytics not just catapults a meaningful insight into customer behaviour but also helps in building a strong relationship between the store and its prospective visitors. It is inevitable that every buyer wishes to get genuine hospitality from the store like giving importance to their choices. The analysis done helps the store management to personalize marketing content, remember the purchase history and preference of the customer and all these enhances the propensity in them to buy items from that store. Making the old and potential customers feel valued even enhances brand loyalty. The diversity in retail data analytics contributed in a great way to marketing and merchandising by giving a tangible boost to its operation. It is believed that in the coming up years the implementation of retail analytics will be more prevalent in store and malls and will lead to greater benefits for both sellers and buyers.

Types of data insight-

Helps mall owners and retail stores to get an overview of customers’ engagement and store profitability over a period of time…

Let’s take a close look at the types of data insight that people counting camera brings to you…

Real-time traffic– It helps to count the traffic flow entering and exiting the mall with 99% accuracy in real time. This even helps the management to compare the traffic flow during weekends and weekdays and holidays too.

Validate rents– It counts the number of people entering each store inside a mall and gives a better insight to customers’ preferences over a different store.

Evaluating attraction– It is important to detect the specific areas of a mall where the attraction level of people is high. People counter in UAE keeps a comprehensive track on specific areas like the food court, games room etc.

Digital signage- Play context aware signage displays by leveraging the power of audience behaviour metrics. It helps to deliver a higher customer engagement and a user based marketing strategy to optimize the campaigns.

Like this traffic data plays an integral part in live people counting enabling retail and mall owners to think about a better future of their business.  As the world is facing rapid changes every moment, it is very important to optimize the present establishment and cater to the ever increasing demand of the people. The next part of our discussion will focus on this.

How new age shopping changed the retail market drastically? And what innovations are they making to keep pace with the change?

Due to the advent of e-commerce platform there has been a huge transformation in shopping pattern by people. They no more stroll around a mall to find their choices, but sit at home and order the product.  So to cater to these people even the malls and retail store have conceptualized certain ways that are now making the headlines. This 2019 with the assistance of people counter in UAE the retail market can give their customers a varied shopping experience…

Smartphones are the latest shopping tool-

According to statistical reports, the number of smartphone users across the Middle East and North African region is growing at a rate of 10.2 % every year. The new age customers are more inclined in digital interaction with brands and their services, through the social network, reviews, blog posts etc.  Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are a major influence in countries like the USA, the Middle East, and a few European regions.  This new age pattern of or as we trend in shopping made the retail market recognize the space of communicating through applications, messages and e-mails. Over a period of time, it has successfully catapulted moderate traffic in retail stores and malls and is expected to grow in the future.

Data Driven technology in retail sector-

It is important for malls and retail owners to digitize the physical space. But for this, the management needs to have a clear idea about the customers visiting the mall, their shopping pattern, favourite store, most visited area inside the mall compound etc. Discovering these aspects the management identifies the channels that drive people the most. For any brand be it popular or new it is essential to ensure a smooth flow of transaction between offline and online trade and that seeks the help of advanced technology like visitor counter machine in the store.

Traffic Data toolkit-

Understanding consumer behaviour is a pivotal factor in business transition.  The new Omni channel elements such as measuring footfall traffic, conversion rate, pedestrian counting gives some clear benefits to businessmen to analyse the sales and demand of their products. As the digital platform conceives a lot of ways to retain customers like reviews, guest blogs, social media campaigns the malls and stores also strategize by measuring every movement of the customers as they enter the premises. How often they visit a particular store, what necessary products are they buying, what kinds of discounts captivate them the most? All these analyses are important to understand the pulse of the customers, and this provides a better business deal.

2019- A year of biggest transformation for retail and mall business.

Today customers crave for constant innovation in buying goods. The concept of people count in UAE didn’t trigger much then, but now it is like a sensation to all retail and mall owners.  It was getting difficult to keep pace with the digitalization as it offers scope and luxury to shop, but the retail system was still conventional by nature. But this year a resolution in the retail sector in UAE is expected to be seen as the entrepreneurs have felt the need of traffic data analysis. This will not only understand the pulse of the customers but also catapult a new kind of business practice.

 Also along with profitability in business, video people counter recognizes the customers’ behavioural changes as it happens over time. One can now get a clear idea about the preferences and choices, the discount ranges that appeals the most, what kind of campaigns creates the most hype and like this can tailor the entire offering.

Anaz Technologies, one of the leading head count solution in Dubai in association with vemcount software is optimistic that a change is about to happen this year. Be it people counting for events or a shopping mall, the technology on traffic data analysis is a supreme aspect that a business needs to understand and apply.

Again and again, we are focussing on the fact that it is imperative to change with time and for that, the retail revolution in 2019 has already started as retail shops and malls in the UAE have incorporated the people counting software into their business to get a better insight into almost every vertical of business.

Experience a better solution with Anaz Technologies…

As retail data analytics have emerged to be an important factor in retail, Anaz Technologies one of the most trusted name in UAE has been a great support to many organizations. Their analysis is so accurate and efficient that over the years that client has accredited them as one of the leading platforms for 3D people counter.

Whenever a retailer hires such a service, there is one thing that strikes him first is the improvisation done to the business. Anaz Technologies brings to you three major changes that companies will witness within a few months of implementation- development in the structural pattern of the store, optimizing the sales growth and betterment in the operational mechanism of the store. Along with malls and retail stores, Anaz Technologies also renders service in people counting for events where footfall count of people, heavy traffic flow and many such things are calculated intelligently.

For Anaz Technologies, people counter system and the technologies associated with it are like a challenge taken to introduce a new platform for the retail sector and malls.

For Anaz Technologies, people counter system and the technologies associated with it are like a challenge taken to introduce a new platform for the retail sector and malls. The team working behind have understood the need of people count in UAE, and for that matter given businesses a new horizon to explore.

The retail market still captures a large part of the economy in the UAE; every year there is a huge business turnover in the retail sector and to make it more robust and persuasive among the new age buyers, Anaz Technologies has formulated the concept of head counting in Dubai one of an integral part of retail analytics to help them understand and feel the cosmopolitan demand in the market.

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