• How people counting technology has transformed the retail business?

    29 August 2018

    Globalization is playing a huge role in the retail market in the last few years. Consumers found shopping to be more convenient, comfortable and even affordable. The main conjurer behind this sea change is the inception of shopping malls which made choices and availability of products go hand in hand. With this advertising also played a crucial role to bring more customers into this sphere.

    Now as many people are visiting a shopping mall every hour from morning till night buying different items of need and luxury, there is a need to keep a check on the shopping mall traffic.  An appropriate analysis on the traffic gives shop owners an idea on the selling part of the business.

    The integration of people counter sensor device is the most enterprising method to evaluate consumer behaviour towards a product, sales, and several other aspects which we will discuss later.

    But first, keep one thing in mind that a commercial platform always needs a progress report based on which the growth and expansion depends. The concept of people counting solution is highly effective in shaping up that report for any business.

    What is the formula of work of a people counting device?

    You must have heard about retail counting at various places, but a detailed explanation will help you more to get better clarity on this newly improvised technical platform. The initialization of people counter sensor is now seen more or less in every private or public commercial centre.

    It is a device which keeps track of people passing through a commercial space like a retail store or a railway station or even inside a shopping mall. The device captures the movement of people within its radius and generates data which helps in the further business analysis. Recently more or less every shopping mall or retail oriented store have store visitors counter which works throughout the working hours and fetches data to analyse elements like conversation rate of the visitors, store operational system, marketing activities, and even performances of the staffs.

    The three most superlative benefits of this technology are

    Sales conversation rate- 

    This is a fundamental aspect in retail counting. In any business, calculation of the sales conversation rate is all about the number of customers who have visited the store to the number of them who have purchased an item. The data of sales conversation rate helps business owners to have better clarity of the growth of the business. A low conversation rate reflects the fact that even though visitors are strolling around your shop, but they are not turning into potential buyers due to some unknown reasons. After the report gets generated, business owners can work on low conversation rate.

    The footfall patterns

    After a customer enters a store in a shopping mall they start wandering around the place in search of their desired product.  It often happens that a certain section of the store encounters the highest traffic while the other areas are empty or less visited by people.  The store traffic counter monitors pattern of movement of the customers, preferred counter, time consumed in different counters etc.  A report generated from it helps owners or the management to act for a betterment of the under used areas and create an overall transformation.
    Staff Scheduling

    The shopping mall visitor counter also assists the management in staff scheduling.  In a palace like shopping mall structure, it is a tedious task for the logistics team to do staff schedules based on an assumption. The footfall tracker helps to determine aspects like how many people are using different areas of the mall at various time intervals, what are the most popular areas where the crowd gets dense and extra securities are required, which are the shops that witness the maximum traffic so that more staff can fit in. All such store traffic data generate a report to the management and they implement strategies for enhanced customer experience.

    How marketing campaigns are dependent on people counting?

    There is nothing as viable like marketing for improvement in sales. Remember a proper marketing plan can do wonder.  A lot of money gets invested on creating marketing campaigns which last for many days, and a good ROI is what every business owner expects.

    Digital people counter plays a role in analysing the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. Let’s explain this by taking a reference from a situation.  Suppose a fashion brand is organizing a product launch campaign in a mall.

    Some of the results achieved are:

    Density of crowd during the campaign- The installation of an electronic people counter can determine the gathering and the density of the crowd and give accurate result on shopping mall traffic count.

    Staying up of the customers– The impact of the campaign can be evaluated by the time customers choose to stay. This analysis helps to frame an initial hypothesis of the success of a campaign.  A footfall traffic counter will seamlessly generate a report on this basis.

    Scope of development– The shopping mall visitors counting system also provides a roadmap for further development. The database helps owners to understand the taste and preferences of the consumers and also motivate them to think about better ideas to make a campaign more approachable.


    How UAE has achieved the best work in People counting?

    UAE is one such place which has got the most luxurious malls in the world, and the people counting technology is now highly getting used everywhere in this country. Anaz Technologies one of the premier organizations in retail counting serves the highest number of clients in UAE.  Their service ranges from people counting to a business analytic solution for leisure malls and events. The company integrates the most updated technology at work to give clients the most deserving result at work.

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